Destroy Fire Trucks

This mission is a daily quest,to complete this mission you need to destroy 3 fire trucks,you can find them in city zones.

Upcoming Leaked Skins

Leaked Skins on the V10.40 update. Not only skins, but also new glider, new harvesting tools, new back blings will be available on the V10.40...

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fortnite leaked skin

New Leaked skins on V10.30 update.

These are some of the leaked skins on the new V 10.30 update. These pictures were taken from FortniteBR. These outfits will be available in...
BULLSEYE challenges

Destroy Loot Carriers from 50 meters away

One of the Bullseye challenge is to Destroy Loot Carriers from 50 meters away. The loot carriers appear on the location in which the name...