Fortnite is a free to play game, but if you buy the battle pass you can make the most of it . Buying the Fortnite  battle pass gives you weekly challenges that when completed give you a lot of different rewards like Outfits, Back Blings, Harvesting Tools, Emotes, Wraps, Pets, Loading Screens etc. When the season ends you get to keep all the Battle Pass rewards that you have earned on each season. Every Fortnite season has 100 tiers and if you own the battle pass you will get new items every time you complete a tier, but if you don’t have the battle pass you will be able to collect only a few tiers. Owning the battle pass also makes the leveling up easier. As you play and complete challenges, you unlock “10% XP boosts” tiers which can go up to a total of 150% personal boost. You also receive “10% Friend XP boosts” which when playing with friends, grants an XP boost that adds up to the game match XP you receive. And those boosts will help you in completing levels. Fortnite Battle Pass also gives you V-Bucks throughout the 100 tiers. There are fifteen 100 V-Bucks tiers, so you can receive a total of 1500 V-Bucks. Which can be used on the item shop to buy new items, or you can save it and buy the next seasons battle pass. The outfits are definitely the biggest reason to buy a battle pass. Usually, when completing the 100 tiers you receive 7 new outfits. There are a lot of sites that offer “free v-bucks” or “ free battle pass” but all of them are scams, so don’t write you login credentials in any of these pages.The only place where you should buy the battle pass is from the Battle Pass tab on Fortnite Battle Royale or the Creative Mode.

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